About Me

"I compose music to give my feelings expression.  I know it sounds simple but matching a melody to what is going on in my mind or heart is enlightening.  If what I express somehow reaches another and evokes emotion, brings laughter or soothes, I feel lucky to have made that connection."

Amy Mygatt Hogan grew up in Wallingford, Pennsylvania surrounded with the soprano voice of her mother and musical tastes of her older siblings.   She studied piano throughout her school years competing in piano competitions, accompanying choirs, composing her own music and also joining a Top 40 band, S.R.O., in high school.  Her love of piano continues to provide a vehicle for vocal expressions to come alive.  

Working with several different bands allows Amy to explore many different song styles and genres while continuing to write her own music.  Her song writing has recently won her a West Coast Songwriting "Best Song" award.  Singer-songwriter Bobby Jo Valentine recorded "Between the Lines", a duet with Amy on his most recent album, "Home", and invited her  to join his band for his CD release party last October. 

With her husband, Ed who plays in the Amy Hogan Trio with her, Amy enjoys devoting her non-musical time to her four children and three dogs.